What is a wheel balance and why do you need it?

Well we have all most likely experienced the sound and vibrations of an uneven load in a washing machine…stay with me here it is relevant  :).  It’s cause is the washing being unevenly distributed inside the machine. The remedy is stop the machine, adjust the washing a bit and try again.

The same principals apply to a vehicles wheels and tyres, whereas if the weight of the tyre and wheel combined is not perfectly even around the whole circle it will be unbalanced.

The symptoms can be a steering wheel shake at certain speeds or a vibration felt through the whole vehicle.

The remedy is the same as it would be for the washing machine…find the point where weight needs to added and add until perfect balance is achieved.

wheel balancing MurwillumbahBy spinning the wheel and tyre at high speed on a specialised machine we can find exactly how much weight is needed and precisely where the weight needs to added. This process is repeated until perfect balance is achieved.

Sometimes it is necessary to balance the wheel and tyre while they are still on the vehicle. In this situation a specialised machine is needed and also a highly skilled operator.

Here at Halls Tyres & Mechanical in Murwillumbah we have accurate machinery for both off and on car wheel balancing needs. Our qualified and highly skilled staff are ready to keep you and your car, truck, bus, 4WD, camper, trailer on the road longer and safer..